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Skin & Itch Results & Next Steps

Learn more about what next steps are after receiving your pet's skin & itch test results. MySimplePetLab provides general guidance, however, please consult your veterinarian for specific treatment advice.

My Pet's Skin Test Is Positive!

The next steps after getting any results depends on the reason for testing and the pet’s health situation, among other factors like pet medical history and lifestyle.

My Pet's Skin Test Is Negative!

Great news! A negative test may require no other action in a healthy pet, however, if your pet is showing signs, we recommend further action.

How Long Does It Take For Skin & Itch Results?

Results within 1 day of lab arrival. Please assume 1-3 business days transit time to MySimplePetLab, Denver, Colorado, using USPS Priority within continental U.S., followed by 1 day of testing.