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Can Small Businesses Sell MySimplePetLab Products?Updated 8 months ago

Home collect-and-mail test kits are advancing human healthcare. Now, small and large businesses can generate new revenue, and promote pet health by selling MySimplePetLab home testing kits. 

While we work with national retailers to maximize access to our healthcare solutions, we intentionally design business, distribution, and pricing models that also support small business pet service providers in local communities.

Businesses seek to build trust with pet owners by recommending reliable, convenient and veterinary approved pet health products. MySimplePetLab offers a profitable way for a wide variety of pet service provider business owners to meet the real needs of pet parents.

Pet service businesses can request wholesale pricing and through email at [email protected]. We welcome the opportunity to partner.


Additional Questions? Chat us at, email [email protected], or call us at 833-PET-TEST (833-738-8378).

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