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Helpful Tips: Diarrhea Care Dog KitUpdated 8 months ago

Helpful Tips: Diarrhea Care Dog Kit 

Keeping Your Pet Healthy Just Got Easier. Enjoy these vet approved tips below to accompany your Diarrhea Care Dog Kit.


Rest -  Give you pet a cool quiet place to recover. Ideally on an easy to clean floor close to a door.

Fasting-  No food, treats or table food for the first 12 hours. Then begin a bland diet.

Vet Approved Bland Diet Recipe:

  • Mix 1-part boiled starch (white rice, pasta, sweet potato) with 1 part boiled lean protein (ground beef, chicken, turkey, egg) 

     Day 1:   Withhold treats and kibble. Feed 2 small meals of Bland Diet. 

     Day 2:   Withhold treats and kibble. Feed 2 regular sized meals of Bland Diet. 

     Day 3:   Feed 2 regular sized meals 1/2 kibble/ 1/2 Bland Diet.

     Day 4:   Seek veterinary care if stools are not formed.   

      Hold off on treats, chews, and table food until stool is firm enough to pick up.

Hydration-  It is important for your dog to stay hydrated. Aim for 1/8 cup water per hour for small dogs or 1/4 cup per hour for larger dogs.  Add ice cubes to encourage drinking.

TIP: Worms are often the reason for diarrhea. Use a MySimplePetLab Routine Stool Dog Test from home to determine if harmful parasites are the cause; then AutoShare test results with your vet.

Consult your vet if:

  • Stool is black or tarry
  • Your dog is not eating, drinking, active, and alert
  • Stool consistency is not improving daily while using Care Kit


Thanks for being such a good pet parent!


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Disclaimer: Dogs can react unexpectedly in times of stress. Use caution when using contents of this care kit. This care kit is for dogs with loose stool or diarrhea, but still eating, drinking, active, and alert. Veterinary attention is recommended immediately if dog is vomiting, appears sick, or badly injured.

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