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Helpful Tips: First Aid Care Dog KitUpdated 8 months ago

Helpful Tips: First Aid Care Dog Kit

Keeping Your Pet Healthy Just Got Easier. Enjoy these vet approved tips below to accompany your First Aid Care Dog Kit!


TIP: Normal temperature for most dogs at rest is 99.0 degrees to 102.5 degrees Fahrenheit.

  Temp above 104.0? Contact your veterinarian right away in case of heat stroke.  

  Cool dog by holding activated Instant Cold Pack against the bottom of each paw for a few minutes per paw.

  Temp below 99.0?   Contact your veterinarian.  Bring dog indoors and wrap in a warm blanket (from dryer).

TIP: Give your dog treats or chews when you use Wound Cleanse, Wound Shield or Antibiotic Ointment. This will distract him/her from licking and allow area to dry.

TIP: Covering a wound helps protect the area and deter licking. Wrapping too tightly will cause painful foot/leg swelling so always ensure 2-3 fingers can fit underneath wrap.

TIP: Ticks can give your dog diseases like Lyme and Rocky Mountain Spotted Fever. Ask your vet about monthly tick prevention.

TIP:  Antihistamines can occasionally lead some dogs to be excited. Discontinue if this is the case for your dog.

Consult your vet if:

  • Your dog is vomiting, appears sick, or badly injured and needs immediate attention
  • Your dog is not eating, drinking, active, and alert
  • Your dog’s temperature is above 102.5 degrees


Thanks for being such a good pet parent!


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Disclaimer: Dogs can react unexpectedly in times of stress. Use caution when using contents of this care kit. This care kit is for dogs needing basic first aid, but still eating, drinking, active, and alert. Veterinary attention is recommended immediately if dog is vomiting, appears sick, or badly injured.

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