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Helpful Tips: Skin & Itch Care Dog KitUpdated 8 months ago

Helpful Tips: Skin & Itch Care Dog Kit

Keeping Your Pet Healthy Just Got Easier. Enjoy these vet approved tips below to accompany your Skin & Itch Care Dog Kit!


First! Use your flea comb from head to tail to look for fleas. You can assume your dog has fleas if you see what looks like pepper on the skin (flea dirt). Your Skin & Itch Care Dog Kit may not be effective until flea infestation is resolved.

What makes your dog itch?

  •   Flea allergies
  •   Bacterial or yeast infections
  •   Seasonal allergies
  •   Food allergies

TIP:  Following initial 3-5 days of care, Soothing Skin Wash can be used weekly if needed.

TIP: Essential Fatty Acid (EFA) supplements have natural anti-itch properties and are a nice option for ongoing health (not included).

TIP:  Antihistamines can occasionally lead some dogs to be excited. Discontinue if this is the case for your dog.

TIP: Some skin conditions may require prescription medication. Use a MySimplePetLab Skin & Itch Dog Test from home to determine if harmful bacteria or yeast are the cause; then AutoShare test results with your vet.

Consult your vet if:

  1. Your dog is not eating, drinking, active, and alert
  2. Itchiness is not improving while using Care Kit


Thanks for being such a good pet parent!


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Disclaimer: Dogs can react unexpectedly in times of stress. Use caution when using contents of this care kit. This care kit is for dogs with skin symptoms, but still eating, drinking, active, and alert. Veterinary attention is recommended immediately if dog is vomiting, appears sick, or badly injured.

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