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How accurate is the Routine Stool Test?Updated 8 months ago

MySimplePetLab is your direct source for vet approved pet healthcare diagnostics.

Test accuracy matters, which is why our laboratory meets or exceeds veterinary professional standards. We use only top-quality testing equipment, precision processes, and experienced laboratory technicians to deliver dependable, accurate results. 

The Routine Stool Test for dogs and cats screens using fecal ova & parasite centrifugation & microscopy for rounds, hooks, tapes, whips, coccidia, and any other findings. Included in every Routine Stool Test, Giardia testing utilizes ELISA microassay well plating. 

Routine Stool Tests are expected to satisfy vet, boarding, kennel, cattery, daycare, & grooming fecal test requirements.

The MySimplePetLab Stool Test PCR upgrade adds molecular (DNA or RNA) PCR testing for gastrointestinal disease-causing microbes (bacteria, viruses, protozoa).

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