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How Do I Collect Sample for Ear Infection Test?Updated 5 months ago

Activate Online BEFORE mailing sample!

Use the 6-digit activation code you receive on your instruction card to Activate test at Collect the samples. Mail from home.

Collecting the Samples

Watch the video to learn how to safely swab your pet's ears.


  1. Prepare Swabs:
    • Put on gloves and remove the first swab packet.
    • Peel back the wrapper, remove and discard the tube's cap. Insert swab fully into the tube and twist gently to moisten the inner sponge.
    • Repeat this step with the other swab.
  2. Apply Barcode Stickers:
    • Place the "Right Ear Swab" barcode sticker vertically on one tube. The entire barcode must be visible for lab scanning.
    • Repeat this step with the other tube.
  3. Collect Samples:
    • Remove swab from "Right Ear" tube. Hold the swab in the middle of the stick. Do not let swab touch anything other than your dog's ear.
    • Pull the ear flap back, firmly wipe and rotate the swab tip at least 5-6 times within the ear folds.
    • Collect as much discharge as possible. Be careful not to swab too deep.
    • Insert the swab back into tube and press the cap firmly to seal. Repeat step 3 for Left Ear.
  4. Mail Samples:
    • Place swabs into biohazard bag. Seal and insert bag into the return envelope. Seal return envelope and mail from any mailbox or post office.
    • Make sure you have activated your test online before mailing.

You will be alerted by email when results are ready. Return postage includes USPS Priority shipping (2-3 business days). Need faster results? Mail overnight using USPS Priority Express, FedEx, or UPS. Click here to read instructions on how to upgrade shipping back to our lab.


Additional Questions? Chat us at, email [email protected], or call us at 833-PET-TEST (833-738-8378).

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