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Veterinary Diagnostics "From Home" Improves Clinic Efficiency & Client Perception of ValueUpdated 8 months ago

To reduce in-clinic workload and provide better client experiences, MySimplePetLab uniquely delivers pre-visit and post-visit patient testing solutions for veterinary practices.

If you have any questions regarding testing or results, please reach out by phone 833-738-8378, email [email protected] or chat online at

About MySimplePetLab: 

  • Veterinarian founded & operated
  • Simple "from home" sample collection & submission
  • Error-free (barcoded) sample tracking to lab
  • Gold-standard (reference lab quality) testing
  • Test results within one business day
  • Evidence-based (images included), standardized reporting 
  • Easy-to-understand reports for pet parent & vet

Why partner with MySimplePetLab:

  • Vet practice needs to reduce in-clinic workload (time savings)
  • Vet practice wants control over test prices and client payments
  • Vet practice seeks to improve staff wellbeing
  • Vets want faster appointments (pre-visit results)
  • Vets don't want unnecessary call backs (post-visit results)
  • Vets want to improve treatment precision and success
  • Vet staff are overworked and risk burn out
  • Vet staff don't have time to collect and run ear/skin cytology
  • Vet staff don't like receiving & processing feces!
  • Clients want to see test results in an easy-to-understand report
  • Clients want to reduce pet stress during visit 
  • Clients don't want to hold onto and drive feces to clinic!
  • Pets prefer lower stress sample collection from home
  • Pets don't want unnecessary visits to vet
  • Pets want the first treatment to be the right treatment

How it works AFTER vet visit

  • Normal in-clinic vet visit for pet's problem
  • Treatment dispensed with recheck test kit (stool, ear, skin)
  • Payment for recheck test kit collected from client at check-out
  • Post-treatment "from home" results provided to client & vet
  • With post-treatment results, schedule recheck exam if necessary

How it works BEFORE vet visit

  • Client calls to schedule in-clinic vet visit
  • Front desk orders test kit for home delivery to client
  • Client collects and mails sample to lab
  • Results (fecal; cytology) available in advance of vet visit
  • Vet uses results at visit to choose best treatment if needed

Diagnostics Options "From Home": 

Routine Stool Test (Dogs; Cats)

  • Fecal O&P: Semi-quantitative ova & parasite by double-centrifugal fecal floatation (zinc sulfate) and microscopy. Screens for roundworms, hookworms, whipworms, tapeworms, and coccidia. Microscopic images of these or other findings are included on results report.
  • Giardia ELISA: Giardia cyst antigen by microassay well plate ELISA. Samples run in duplicate with positive and negative controls.
  • Upgrade to fecal egg count (FEC): An FEC by mini-FLOTAC to determine eggs per gram (epg) should be added to any hookworm positive canine Fecal O&P in case of multi-drug (dewormer) resistance.
  • Upgrade to microbe PCR: For pets with intermittent or persistent abnormal stools or digestive symptoms, add PCR for common intestinal pathogens (PCR panel differs between dogs and cats). 

Ear Infection Test (Dogs; Cats)

  • Ear swab cytology: Screens for ear mites and mite eggs, yeast (Malassezia), bacteria (cocci, bacilli), skin cells (corneocytes, keratinocytes), white blood cells (neutrophils, lymphocytes), and red blood cells

Skin & Itch Test (Dogs Only)

  • Skin swab cytology: Screens for skin mites and mite eggs, yeast (Malassezia), bacteria (cocci, bacilli), skin cells (corneocytes, keratinocytes, melanocytes), white blood cells (neutrophils, lymphocytes, mast cells), and red blood cells. 

We hope our new services help make routine testing for pet owner's easier and saves time in your practice. 

If you have any questions regarding testing or results, please reach out by phone 833-738-8378, email [email protected] or chat online at

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