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What Does a Lab Report Include?Updated 10 months ago

MySimplePet Lab test results are reported in a format appropriate for a veterinary patient record.

Pet owners have easy, 24/7 online access to their pet’s test results, and can email a print-ready results report to their vet (or anyone) directly from MySimplePetLab. MySimplePetLab reports are designed to be easily understood (without a veterinary degree) while still using language and measures that veterinarians expect from their reference laboratories. MySimplePetLab reports meet or exceed test result reporting standards.

Each lab report is specific to the sample tested and includes all results from that sample. If one test (e.g., worm screening) is performed on the sample, the report includes the results of that one test. If more than one test (e.g., worm and Giardia screening) is performed on the sample, then the final report will also include these additional test results (once complete).

The lab report also includes:

  • Pet owner, pet, and test identification information
  • Photographic evidence of positive microscopic findings
  • Results key (legend) for each test type
  • Information relevant for veterinary interpretation
  • Sample collection observation questions and answers from pet owner

Several questions about the pet and sample are asked during online test activation. Pet owners are NOT required to answer them to complete the activation. Their purpose is to record important observations made by the pet owner at the time of sample collection. Local or virtual veterinarians will appreciate having these answers if the report is shared with them. Pet owners can go back into their account at any point to add the answers but it’s best to document observations with fresh memory during sample collection.

Please be aware that the laboratory does NOT review the answers and they do NOT influence how the sample is processed or the test is performed. The answers are intended to be used by the pet owner and their veterinarian to help interpret the test results.


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