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How Do You Identify Samples?Updated 7 months ago

MySimplePetLab tests utilize advanced sample tracking technologies.

Test tube barcode scanning identifies all samples arriving at MySimplePetLab, Denver, CO. This scanning automatically triggers an email notification to the pet owner, letting them know that their pet’s sample has arrived at the lab and processing is underway. When any testing is complete, the finalizing of the results automatically triggers an email notification for the pet owner to Sign In and view results.

Additional pet or pet owner information, or test request directions are unnecessary to include with return shipping of samples to the laboratory. The waterproof, double barcode uniquely identifies the test or swab tube(s) and included sample(s). Online activation digitally links the pet, pet owner, and sample(s) together and tells the laboratory which tests to run.

MySimplePetLab tests should be activated online prior to mailing the sample to the lab. This activation opens specific data entry fields in the pet’s digital report for the laboratory technicians to record test results. Samples that reach the lab without being activated online will not be processed until activated.


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