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When Should I Stool Test My Pet?Updated 8 months ago

Veterinarians recommend stool (fecal) testing as part of wellness healthcare

 Veterinarians recommend stool (fecal) testing of normal appearing stool:
• puppies and kittens 2 to 4 times during their first year of life
• adult dogs and cats every 6 to 12 months thereafter

Vets recommend stool (fecal) testing right away for abnormal stools:
• soft or liquid stools (diarrhea)
• blood in stool
• dark stool (black or tar-like)
• mucus in the stool
• unusual objects in stool

Vets recommend stool (fecal) testing when certain abnormal signs appear that could be caused by parasite infections:
• excessive gas
• passing stool more often than usual
• stool accidents in the house
• straining or taking a long time to pass stool
• coughing
• vomiting
• low energy
• pot-bellied appearance
• change in appetite
• weight loss
• dull coat
• itching and signs of skin irritations
• rubbing bottom on the ground or “scooting”

MySimplePetLab stool tests will be accepted by veterinarians, kennels, boarding facilities, and day care facilities to meet an “annual stool check” requirement for dogs and cats. These same tests can be used to recheck stool samples after treatment of a parasite discovered by this testing (typically 2-4 weeks post-treatment).

Please contact a local or virtual veterinarian right away if your dog or cat is acting sick.


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