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About MySimplePetLab

MySimplePetLab was founded by veterinarians. We are proud to have the right expertise at all levels of our business; in medicine and at our state-of-the-art reference and research laboratory.

Who is MySimplePetLab?

Designed by veterinarians for vets, pets and pet parents alike. MySimplePetLab is a leader in distributed pet care testing and results. We're here to help you feel good about your pet's feel-good routine.

Are MySimplePetLab Test Results Accurate and Credible?

Test accuracy matters, which is why we use only the highest quality equipment, process and experts. Our lab meets or exceeds professional lab results and in a one stop shop for trusted, dependable and accurate pet care testing.

What Does a Lab Report Include?

Pet owners have easy, 24/7 online access to their pet’s test results. MySimplePetLab test results are reported in a format appropriate for a veterinary patient record, and can be autoshared with your veterinarian.

Is a Vet Visit Required?

No, a veterinary exam, prescription, consultation, or relationship is not required to purchase the test, submit a sample, or get results.

MySimplePetLab Privacy Policy and Terms & Conditions

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