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Learn more about your MySimplePetLab Dashboard; how to add more pets, update your vet info, share results and more.

How Do I Add Another Pet on My Account?

Need to add another pet to your MySimplePetLab Dashboard? Log into your account, click on menu bar icon, click "My Pets." Click "Add Pet" and fill out your pet's information.

How Do I Update My Vet Info?

Log into your MySimplePetLab dashboard and navigate to the "Care Team" section by clicking on the "Care Team" icon. The updated email will be applied to future AutoShared results.

Who Makes Up My Pet's Care Team?

Anyone who plays a part in your pet’s life journey is part of their care team! This could be a veterinarian, a groomer, daycare/boarding, and even a family member. Additional Questions? Chat us at, email [email protected], o

Where Do I Set Up My Pet's Care Team?

You can add members of your care team by logging in to your MySimplePetLab account and clicking on "Care Team" in the dashboard menu. Then, simply click "Add Care Team" and fill out the required information.

Can I Remove a Care Team Contact?

Yes. Go to the "Care Team" page in the dashboard. Click "Contact Details" for the Care Team Member which you would like to remove and click "Delete."

How Do I Share Results with a Care Team Contact?

To manually share results, click on the "Share Results" button in the test results page and enter the required contact information.

What Information is Required to Set Up My Pet's Care Team?

You must enter a Contact or Business name, Email address, and Contact Type.

How Do I Manually Share Results with my Veterinarian or Pet Care Team?

To manually share results, you can click on the "Share Results" button in the test results page and enter their email. You can also tell us to AutoShare results of any test during test activation. Read more on AutoShare during activation here. If sha

What is AutoShare?

Our AutoShare feature allows you to automatically share completed test results with anyone on your pet’s Care Team. You may also manually share results anytime after results are reported.

How Do I Set Up AutoShare?

AutoShare is set up during the test activation process. When you activate your test you will be prompted to AutoShare results to any members of your pet’s Care Team. You can also manually share results after results have been reported.

Who Can I AutoShare Results To?

You can AutoShare results to anyone who plays a part in your pet’s life! We give you some recommended contact types (veterinarian, groomer, daycare/boarding), or you can share with family or friends. Additional Questions? Chat us at

Why Do You Recommend Sharing with a Veterinarian?

MySimplePetLab is founded and guided by veterinarians. We believe in the value of the veterinary-client-patient relationship (VCPR) and encourage you to share your pet’s test results with one or more veterinarians for professional medical perspective

What if I Don't Have a Veterinarian?

If you do not have a regular veterinarian that you work with at this time you can let us know during the AutoShare step of the test activation process by selecting "I don’t have a veterinarian."

When Will Results Be Shared?

If you have chosen to AutoShare results with someone, those results will be shared in real-time immediately upon completion of testing all of the tests ordered for the submitted sample. Your Care Team will receive an email with the test results.