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Will My Vet Accept The Results?Updated 9 months ago

Yes. MySimplePetLab results are reported in a format appropriate for a veterinary patient record.

Pet owners have easy, 24/7 online access to their pet’s test results, and can email a PDF report to their vet (or anyone) directly from How to share test results.

MySimplePetLab reports are designed to be easily understood (without a veterinary degree) while still using language and measures that veterinarians expect from their reference laboratories. MySimplePetLab reports meet or exceed test result reporting standards.

Besides the reporting format, veterinarians also rightfully expect test results to be relevant and trustworthy. Having experienced vets at the helm of MySimplePetLab is critical. MySimplePetLab only offers tests that are recommended and relied on by veterinarians for important pet health decisions. They are the real thing, processed and analyzed by experienced laboratory technicians in ways that meet or exceed modern reference laboratory testing standards.

To support MySimplePetLab tests, MySimplePetLab has engineered and deployed the most advanced sample tracking technologies in veterinary healthcare to ensure sample-pet-test matching accuracy for mistake-free lab operations. Trust doesn’t need to be blind though, which is why we provide evidence-based test results, with photographic proof of microscopic findings (e.g., stool parasites) included on the pet’s report and careful documentation at the laboratory. MySimplePetLab holds all pet samples for a defined time period after reporting for add-on or re-test requests and welcomes any lab processing questions from veterinarians.


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