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MySimplePetLab is modernizing routine pet testing for both dogs and cats, allowing you to test both from home and/or from clinic. Test where, when, and how it works best so you can stay on top of your pet's wellness.


Sample Collection & Activation

First, activate the test kit, then collect the sample. Send the sample back in our pre-paid return package included in your kit. It's that simple!

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Routine Stool Test

Stay on top of your pet’s stool health. Use for diarrhea and tummy troubles, annual vet visits, boarding requirements and preventative care.

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Ear Infection Test

Simple, accurate & fast ear cytology. Screens for ear mites, yeast, & bacteria. Use for smelly, itchy & sore ears, frequent infections, early detection & preventative care.

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Skin & Itch Test

Simple, accurate & fast skin cytology. Screens for skin mites, yeast, & bacteria. Use for irritated, itchy or smelly skin, frequent infections, early detection & preventative care.

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ClueJay Customers

Can I still use my ClueJay test? Am I able to upgrade to Hookworm FEC, Giardia, and/or PCR testing with a ClueJay test?

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Does MySimplePetLab Provide Treatment Options?

MySimplePetLab provides general education and advice for treatment options in MySimplePetLab Support under each specific test. MySimplePetLab does not recommend, prescribe, or dispense medications.

What Does Exempt Animal Specimen Mean On My Package?

USPS packaging instructions specify that certain animal specimens (e.g., stool, urine, saliva, secretions) transported for routine testing are not subject to regulation as hazardous materials (i.e., they are exempt).

What If I Have Questions About My Pet's Test Results?

Our vets are happy to give advice about your pet's results, however, customer support cannot provide pet-specific medical advice (e.g., treatment based on MySimplePetLab test result).

Will My Vet Accept The Results?

Yes. MySimplePetLab results are reported in a format appropriate for a veterinary patient record.

How Do I Find My Pet's Test Results?

Once complete, test results are in your MySimplePetLab Dashboard.

Are MySimplePetLab Tests Vet Approved?

Yes. Simply put, pet owners now have direct access to some of the same professional tests as vets.