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Will The Ear Infection Test Be Able To Detect Ringworm?Updated 10 months ago

No, the ear infection test screens for mites, bacteria, yeast, and cells on the surface of the ear to help your veterinarian choose the best treatment for ear infections. 

Ringworm is a group of fungi called dermatophytes that typically cause patchy scaling of the skin and/or patchy hair loss in cats and dogs on their head or body. This may lead to scratching but not always. Detecting ringworm requires a different type of testing, often starting with a Wood's Lamp scan by your vet followed by culture or PCR of hair samples from the suspected areas. Ringworm wouldn't be expected to cause typical signs of ear infections like "dirty ears". Note that ringworm can be contagious to people so if suspected, a vet exam is recommended.


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