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What Does The Ear Infection Dog Test Look For?Updated 8 months ago

Our MySimplePetLab Ear Infection Dog Test is looking for the common reasons for itchy, red, irritated ears.

The MySimplePetLab Ear Infection Dog Test is a microscopic exam (cytology) of material (earwax or discharge) from the surface of your dog’s ears. The ear sample is collected by simply swabbing in and around the crevices under the ear flaps, then thinly smeared onto a glass slide and dipped in special stains in a laboratory. Ear cytology is the first test used by vets for signs of ear infection (otitis) such as ear discharge (otorrhea), head shaking, or scratching wounds on or around the ears. This time-consuming test is done in-clinic by the vet staff, either during or after the vet visit. It is the gold-standard screening test for ear mites and mite eggs, yeast, bacteria, skin cells, and inflammatory (immune) cells. The MySimplePetLab Ear Infection Dog Test screens for: 

Epithelial (Skin) Cells


Cocci Bacteria

Bacilli Bacteria

White Blood Cells

Red Blood Cells

Ear Mites and Mite Eggs

MySimplePetLab ear infection test results are designed to be shared with your vet. This saves time during your dog’s vet visit to get to the best treatment or next step tests faster if needed. Getting to the source of the ear infection and treatment fast is important to keep your dog comfortable and avoid more permanent damage to their outer or inner ear. Topical treatment for ear infection may involve one or more cleaners/flushes, antibiotics, antifungals, parasiticides, and/or anti-inflammatory medications.


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