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Skin & Itch Facts

How accurate are MySimplePetLab's Skin & Itch Tests? Does my pet need a Skin & Itch Test? When should I use the Skin & Itch Test?

How Accurate Is The Skin & Itch Test?

Test accuracy matters, which is why our laboratory meets or exceeds veterinary professional standards.

When Should I Use The Skin & Itch Test?

The MySimplePetLab “Skin & Itch Test” is a microscopic exam (cytology) of material (skin discharge) from the surface of your pet's skin. Skin cytology is the first test used by vets for signs of skin infection.

Does My Pet Need A Skin & Itch Test?

If your pet suffers from irritated, itchy or smelly skin, a skin & itch test is your next step. Signs you should test: Irritated Skin, Irritated Skin Folds, Scratching, Smelly Skin/Paws, Chewing/Licking at Paws, Skin Discharge, Hot Spots, Scabs