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Skin & Itch Test

Simple, accurate & fast skin cytology. Screens for skin mites, yeast, & bacteria. Use for irritated, itchy or smelly skin, frequent infections, early detection & preventative care.


Skin & Itch Facts

How accurate are MySimplePetLab's Skin & Itch Tests? Does my pet need a Skin & Itch Test? When should I use the Skin & Itch Test?

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Dog Skin & Itch Learning Center

Learn more about what the MySimplePetLab Skin & Itch Test screens for, bacteria and yeast, and mites.

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Skin & Itch Results & Next Steps

Learn more about what next steps are after receiving your pet's skin & itch test results. MySimplePetLab provides general guidance, however, please consult your veterinarian for specific treatment advice.

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What Does The Skin & Itch Test Dog Look For?

It is the gold-standard screening test for yeast, bacteria, skin cells, and inflammatory (immune) cells.

What's Included in the Skin & Itch Test Kit?

Everything you need to activate your test kit, collect the sample, and return the sample back to MySimplePetLab for processing. Results are typically reported within 24 hours of receipt of sample.

How Do I Collect Sample for Skin & Itch Test?

Use the 6-digit code you receive on your instruction card to Activate test at Collect the sample. Mail from Home. Watch the video to learn how to safely swab your pet's itchy skin. You will be alerted by email when results are rea

Trouble Collecting Sample for Skin & Itch Test

Please see our video tutorial on how to safely swab your pet's skin:. If you still cannot get the sample, chat with customer support at during normal business hours, email [email protected], or call 1-833-PET-TEST (1-833-738