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Routine Stool Test

Stay on top of your pet’s stool health. Use for diarrhea and tummy troubles, annual vet visits, boarding requirements and preventative care.


Stool Facts

How accurate is the MySimplePetLab Routine Stool Test? What is a "Hookworm Antigen Test?" When should I do a stool test for my pet?

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Stool PCR & FEC Upgrades

MySimplePetLab offers a Microbes by PCR testing upgrade in addition to a Routine Stool Test. FEC (Fecal Egg Count) upgrades can be purchased only for dogs who test positive for hookworm.

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Dog Stool Learning Center

Learn more about what bacteria or parasites may be impacting your dog.

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Cat Stool Learning Center

Learn more about what bacteria or parasites may be impacting your cat.

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Stool Results & Next Steps

Learn more about what next steps are after receiving a positive or negative test result for your dog or cat. MySimplePetLab provides general guidance, however, please consult your veterinarian for specific treatment advice.

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What's Included in the Routine Stool Test Kit?

Everything you need to activate your test kit, collect the sample, and return the sample back to MySimplePetLab for processing. Results are typically reported within 24 hours of receipt of sample.

How Do I Collect Stool Sample?

Use the 6-digit code you receive on your instruction card to activate test at Collect sample: Wear gloves (included) and  fill test tube with fresh stool using spoon on cap. Minimum amount needed is 1/4 of the tube.

Is a Fresh Stool Sample Needed?

Yes, please. There are two practical ways to help increase “parasite yield” (finding and identifying any parasites if present). The first is by starting with a fresh stool sample (just or very recently passed by the dog or the cat) to avoid subjectin

Trouble Collecting Sample for Stool Test

Maybe it got lost in the grass (or under a shoe) or it’s too watery to pick up; or maybe a pet owner mistakenly collected a clump out of the litterbox that’s urine and not stool. Whatever the issue, chat with customer support at du