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Stool Facts

How accurate is the MySimplePetLab Routine Stool Test? What is a "Hookworm Antigen Test?" When should I do a stool test for my pet?

How accurate is the Routine Stool Test?

Test accuracy matters, which is why our laboratory meets or exceeds veterinary professional standards. We use only top-quality testing equipment, precision processes, and experienced laboratory technicians to deliver dependable, accurate results.

What Is A “Hookworm Antigen” Test?

The antigen is only shed by the adult, so that means the antigen test will discover hookworms for only about a week before the eggs can be detected in the standard way.

Why Does My Pet Need A Stool Test?

Intestinal parasites are common in all animals, including well-cared for pets. Sometimes they go unnoticed and don’t cause the pet harm. Other times they lead to mild, moderate, or even severe illness.

When Should I Stool Test My Pet?

Generally, it is recommended that puppies and kittens test 2 to 4 times during their first year of life. Adult dogs and cats may test every 6 to 12 months thereafter. Test at first sign of tummy troubles and/or diarrhea.

Do Raw Fed Pets Need Stool Tests?

If you feed your pet raw food you should consider our routine stool test with the upgrade to microbe (PCR) screening. Raw dog and cat food (like undercooked meat or unwashed vegetables) can be contaminated with some scary bacteria.